Søren Larsen Pedersen

Front-end developer & web designer at Larsen Pedersen
Web Project Consultant at Nykredit

About me

I’m a 27 years old guy originally from a small town in the northern part of Jutland, Denmark.
I now live in Copenhagen, am a perfectionist, and have a passion for design, usability, technology, and cooking.

Work experience

If you have any questions regarding my different work experiences do not hesitate to contact me.

And feel free to visit my amazing blog about food.

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Digital Project Consultant

January 2014 – Present

Ekstra Bladet
Editorial Web Developer

May 2013 – December 2013

Marketing Lion
Web Developer

January 2012 – April 2013

Front-end Developer

January 2011 – January 2012

Larsen Pedersen

December 2010 – Present

IT University of Copenhagen
Teaching Assistant

August 2010 – September 2011

Student Assistant

September 2009 – January 2012

Boligselskabet Nordjylland
Web Consultant

June 2009 – December 2011

"Marketing Lion gives Søren the best recommendations and is confident that he will do a great job in whatever position he may possess."

Kristian Humle Lauritsen, Senior Partner, Marketing Lion

"Søren worked in a wide range of areas - including design, concept development, QA testing and programming - and he tackled any task thrown at him with confidence and determination.

Søren is a highly professional and skilled person who is also very likeable and easy going."

Kevin McLean, CEO, Tinkatolli

"Søren goes very much into the details and is very knowledgeable about web development and SEO in particular. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for an expert in these fields."

Jesper Thomsen, Head of Internet Sales & E-Alliance, If P&C Insurance